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Recent LoQi Work

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  • Canadian Women's Centre for Breast Screening
    Canadian Women's Centre for Breast Screening

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  • level4wellness

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  • Gold Links Health Solutions
    Gold Links Health Solutions

    From idea, to inception, to innovation. Gold Links Health Solutions is the protégé of two conscientious parents: Market Research Analysis and Creative Ambition.

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  • Sherif R. Ashamalla, LL.B. - Barrister & Solicitor
    Sherif R. Ashamalla, LL.B. - Barrister & Solicitor

    Immigration and Refugee Law – fairly lofty subject matter. Our clients’ mandate is no simple undertaking, but there was both virtue and value involved in trying to simplify the process on behalf of their own clients.

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  • Camicie by Filip Daniel
    Camicie by Filip Daniel

    If there’s one universal truth out there about consumerism (whether you’re a real “shopaholic”...

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  • DMAA

    A dental practice that has been able to provide the finest care to Toronto's young and old for over 40 years...

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  • Over Easy Restaurants
    Over Easy Restaurants

    Over Easy serves up the best Eggs Benny in town. Hands down. And by the same token that Over Easy ...

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  • Ed Abdou
    Ed Abdou

    Being a real estate professional means spending a lot of time on the go. That doesn't leave much ...

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  • Fenix FSL
    Fenix FSL

    As the Western arm of a privately-held Chinese corporation specializing in commodity trading, financing and...

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  • Green Earth Solutions
    Green Earth Solutions

    GES Inc. represents a small enterprise taking on big enterprise - a GTA firm specializing in ...

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  • Icon Accounting
    Icon Accounting

    Before there was Icon Accounting, there was just an elemental hypothesis. One individual's ...

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  • Marquee Team
    Marquee Team

    It may not always be the case that there is strength in numbers… there is indeed such a thing as ...

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  • NHS Foundation Trust
    NHS Foundation Trust

    NHS Foundation in collaboration with the governing body of the township of Camden and ...

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  • Cultural Exchange Network
    Cultural Exchange Network

    Cultural Exchange Network was seeking to attract investors to launch a concept for an interactive...

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re you a small business looking to take things a few steps further? Is that “crazy” idea for a start-up venture starting to look less like a napkin pitch and more like a business plan? Is your brand image standing firmly on solid ground? Does your business need a creative pick-me-up? Do you really know who your clients are, where to find them, how to get through to them or what to say?

LoQi Studio would be delighted to help you arrive at definitive answers to these questions (and more, naturally), and we’re ready to begin the investigation as soon as you put us on the case. It all starts with a conversation and a connection, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a no-strings-attached initial consultation (fancy for meeting, or introduction) and we can begin to explore the possibilities!

LoQi Services

Branding and Visual Identity

• Brand Identity Development
• Graphic Design and Illustration
• Print Media Production
• Video Production and Post-Production
• Photography

Marketing & Planning

• Creative Copywriting
• Content Development and Adaptation
• Market Research and Case Study Analysis
• Marketing Plan Development
• Full-Service Account Management

Web Design & Development

• Custom Website Design and Development
• Content Management Systems Setup
• E-Commerce Platform Development
• Custom Interactive Module Development

Digital Marketing & Strategy

• Digital Marketing Plan Development
• Social Media Account Management
• Email Marketing Campaigns and E-Newsletters
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC)
• Display Network Advertising

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